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Fontana AYSO Region 136


AYSO Region 136 – Fall 2021
10U, 12U, & 14U Boys and Girls

All games will be conducted in accordance with IFAB Laws of the Game, AYSO National and Section One Rules and  Regulations, Area G League and Region 136 Guidelines with the following additions/clarifications: 

A – Eligibility / Area Play 

1. Teams will have meet the required playoff points earned throughout fall season consisting of 40 total points –  minimum 28 referee points AND minimum 12 volunteer points. 

2. All coaches and assistant coaches must be age-specific certified, must have completed Safe Haven, Sudden  Cardiac Arrest and CDC concussion online course to be able to advance to Area Playoffs. (If a team advances to  Area Playoffs and coach is not age-certified, he will not be allowed to coach the team and will be replaced by  another coach with proper certification). 

B - Format 

1. Pool Play: Teams shall be divided into 2 “pools.” Divisions with more than six teams will play in this format.  Pool teams will play each other one time within their pool. The two teams with the most points from each pool  will play a final game for 1st and 2nd place.  

2. Round Robin: When there are five teams or less the Round Robin Format will be used. Each team will play the  other teams in the division one time. The two teams with the most points will determine 1st and 2nd place.  

3. Cross Pool Play: Cross Pool Play will be used with Divisions containing only six teams. The two teams with the  most points from each pool will play a final game for 1st and 2nd place.  

4. Aggregate: When there are two teams in a division. The two teams play each other twice. Scores from both  games are totaled to determine 1st and 2nd place. 

5. All pools were drawn at random by Regional Coach Administrator. 

6. Game lengths: For pool play matches, times will be shortened; 10U: Two, 20 minute halves; 12U: Two, 25  minute halves; 14U: Two, 30 minute halves. Finals will be full length matches.  

7. Coaches shall have players participate a minimum of 2 quarters in a game. Substitutions will be by quarters in  accordance with Regional Guidelines.  

8. Points shall be awarded as follows: 

6 points for a win 

3 points for a tie 

1 point for a shut-out; excluding forfeits  

1 point for a goal; maximum of 3 points 

0 points for a loss, but goal points will be awarded up to 3 points 

7 points for win by forfeit (scored 1:0 win, 6 points for win and 1 point for a goal but no shutout point as it is not  an “earned” shutout)  

4 points each team if game ends in a 0-0 tie

9. Points shall be subtracted as follows. 

-2 points for a send off (red card) 

-2 points for each spectator and/or coach dismissal 

-2 points for referee missing assignment  

10. In each Division, the 2 teams with the highest point count from each pool shall participate in a single semi-final  game. Semi-final winners shall participate in a single game to determine Region Champion.  

A. Pool Play Semi-Final matches will be played as such. Pool A, Team #1 VS Pool B, Team #2 and Pool A,  Team #2 VS Pool B, Team #1 ( Teams #1 and #2 are determined by max points accrued during their pool  play). 

B. Pool Play Final Match will be as follows: Winner of Semi-final 1 VS winner of Semi-final 2. This will  determine 1st and 2nd place. 

C. Round Robin Play – Final match will be played between the two teams with the most points.  D. In the event of a tie within a “pool”/division, the following priorities shall be used: 

1. Results of head to head playoff competition (the winner of a game between the two tied teams if they played each other during playoffs) 

2. Fewest goals allowed during playoff competition 

3. The team with the most playoff game wins  

4. Fewest disciplinary points during playoff competition 

5. Highest number of volunteer points accrued during the Fall Season 

6. Coin toss  

DD. For Aggregate tie breakers are as follows: Most goals scored as AWAY team, fewest disciplinary  points during the two games, coin toss. (Kicks from the mark may be performed at the end of the first  match to be used later as tie breaker, if necessary.) 

E. In the event of a tie at the end of regulation time in a Final match, the outcome of the match will be  determined by shots from the mark.  

11. No protests shall be allowed. 

C. Check-in 

1. At least thirty (30) minutes prior to your scheduled game time, coaches shall present themselves along with the all available players to the playoff officials at the check-in area. Game cards, player registration (medical  authorization) forms and uniforms will be inspected. Game card will be stamped at check-in.  

2. Properly completed game cards in uniform number order shall be presented to the official prior to the start of  the game and shall include the names of all players, present or not, first and last name of players and complete  coach and assistant coach information including team name and number. 

A. Late arriving players shall report to Playoff officials at check in tent prior to participation and will be  allowed on the field at referees’ discretion. 

3. Referee shall allow a 10 minute grace period for teams to have the noted minimum number of players (this will  also apply to referees supplied by teams) : Under 10 – 5 players; Under 12 – 7 players; Under 14 – 7 players 

Clock will begin running at scheduled start time.  

A. If the minimum is not available after the grace period, the referee shall note circumstances on the game  card and Region officials shall determine outcome of game. 

4. Players must be in Region issued uniform ONLY (matching jersey/shorts/socks) in order to participate, no  exceptions. Cycling type shorts that are black or the same color as the uniform shorts may be worn under the  uniform, but they may not extend beyond the top of the knee; no other garments are to be showing under uniform  shorts.  Garments shall be allowed to show under the jersey as long as there is no safety hazard or color conflict, in the opinion of the referee. Shin guards must be worn, completely under the issued uniform sock, while  participating in a game. 

No other equipment may be worn by field players without prior approval of Region officials. If cold weather  arises, long sleeves or tights may be worn UNDER the uniform.  

Goalkeepers must wear the uniform socks and may wear additional clothing and safety equipment. No jewelry, including ear studs, will be allowed. No player with a cast or splint may participate. The use of a knee brace shall be allowed provided the referee determines that it is adequately covered /padded so as to eliminate causing injury  to others. 

5. In the event of a color conflict, determined by the referee, home team shall wear jersey cover-ups supplied by  Region Staff. Teams should bring extra goalkeeper shirt or sweatshirt. 

D – Referees / Discipline 

1. Referee Administrator shall insure that an impartial team of backup referees will be available throughout all  games in case of missing referees. RRA will also provide impartial Referee teams for all Final matches. 

2. Each team shall provide volunteers, to help set up and take down nets. Each team will also provide one certified  and completely uniformed assistant referee for each of the matches they will be playing. RRA or member or the  Regional Board will have authority to dismiss referees if not in proper uniform and if no back-up is available from that team, game shall be forfeited. 

* Youth referees cannot referee same age level they play in* 

3. Each team will be assigned games to officiate (as the referee) and will be noted on game schedules. If a team  fails to fill Referee assignments, RRA will supply one for the game and team will be deducted points as outlined  above in Section B, Line #8. Each team will be responsible for providing an AR for each of the matches they  play. If a team that is playing fails to provide a uniformed AR after 10 minute grace period, Referee will note on  the Game Card and team will forfeit the game. Match will be scored as 1-0.  

4. Any player who is SENT OFF (issued a red card), before-during-or after the game, will be suspended for a  minimum of the participants next scheduled game. Further participation in Region playoffs will be subject to review by League officials. 

5. Any participant who instigates a physical or verbal confrontation shall be suspended from the Region playoffs. 6. Disciplinary points shall be assigned as follows: Caution = -1 point; Send Off = -2 points and used as tie breaker. 

7. Outrageous conduct by a participant or spectator, at any time during the playoffs, shall be reviewed by League  officials and may result in ineligibility for further participation/attendance. 


1. All teams must report to scheduled game regardless of weather conditions unless they receive direct notice from a Board Member thru email, call or text. 

2. Home team shall be first team listed and shall set-up and remain on North or West side of the field. Visiting team  shall set-up South or East side and remain on their side of field. Home team will provide 3 game balls in  available, and inspected by visiting players.  

3. No artificial noisemakers face or hair paint, or other distracting activity will be allowed. 

4. All spectators shall remain seated on bleachers or chairs behind the cement block on turf fields or behind  spectator lines on grass fields. Spectators should line up on the opposite side of the AR (generally, to the left of  center circle. Only coach and/or assistant coaches are allowed inside coach box and/or on the turf. Coaches will  need to help control the spectators to their appropriate locations.  

A. Coach box for turf fields is the marked black are on their designated side of the field (home/away). B. Coach box for grass fields is the length of the center circle end to end. 

5. No collection of money, i.e. “quarter cans” will be allowed. Regional Commissioner must approve ANY sales. 

6. Any game suspended prior to completion of regulation time will be reviewed by a committee. If a game is  suspended for unforeseen circumstances and has made it to half time, the game can be considered a fully  completed match and can be scored as such. Games suspended prior to half time, will be reviewed by the  committee to determine appropriate action.  

7. In the event of any unforeseen conflict, the Regional Commissioner (or designee) shall have the authority to make any decisions/changes necessary to insure fairness for all teams. 

8. Team and pool results will be posted prior to the next game day on our website

Regional Commissioner has final approval on which teams advance to Area playoffs.

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